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AJB DOC – Presentation of the Project “Ambassador of Palestine: New Country, New Life”

Rawan Damen is a guest of the AJB DOC Film Festival, which organized the presentation of her project “Ambassador of Palestine: New Country, New Life”, a new web platform for learning about the rich Palestinian culture, history, people, geography and current challenges the country is facing. The platform enables free streaming of films and reading [...]

TRT World – New ‘Palestine Ambassador’ programme hopes to clue up supporters with facts

The initiatives spearheaded by filmmaker Rawan Damen aims to ensure supporters can advocate for the Palestinian cause in an age of fake news and misinformation. Applications have opened for a new scheme aimed at countering misconceptions and misinformation on the Palestinian issue. The ‘Palestine Ambassador’ initiative is a free online programme which will prepare supporters [...]

Middle East Monitor – Palestine Ambassador Initiative launched in Nablus

A scheme intended to enhance the voice of Palestine globally and professionally has been launched in Nablus at the Second Conference for Palestinian Expatriates. The “Palestine Ambassador Initiative” will equip anyone wanting to present the Palestinian cause in the public domain with access to concrete facts and the skills necessary to do so. The initiative […]