Middle East Monitor – Palestine Ambassador Initiative launched in Nablus

A scheme intended to enhance the voice of Palestine globally and professionally has been launched in Nablus at the Second Conference for Palestinian Expatriates. The “Palestine Ambassador Initiative” will equip anyone wanting to present the Palestinian cause in the public domain with access to concrete facts and the skills necessary to do so. The initiative was mooted at last month’s Palestine Expo event held at London’s Olympia.

According to the director of Stream Media Consultancy, Rawan Damen, the aim is to set common grounds and develop a common language. “The Palestine Ambassador Initiative hopes to open the door to specialising in the issue while raising skill levels, as well as enhancing the voice of Palestine both locally and globally,” she explained.

The initiative consists of a teaching platform available in three languages: Arabic, English and Spanish. The platform is based on remote learning at a time and pace that are convenient for the learner, from anywhere in the world through various audio-visual and print materials. It will take nine months to complete a diploma in this subject and anyone can register via the website, regardless of their age, original nationality or place of residence.

“The idea was born due to the continued demonisation of Palestinians in a number of Arab countries and under a lot of pressure to normalise relations with the Zionist project,” said Damen, the founder of the initiative. “The digital world opens up very wide horizons for communication between individuals. As such, there has to be a platform that equips participants with accurate information and sound presentation.”

She added that there needs to be such ambassadors for Jerusalem, for Safed, for the environment and water in Palestine, as well as an ambassador for the Palestinians of Lebanon and even the Palestinians of Chile. The cause of all Palestinians everywhere needs to be highlighted and promoted.

The initiative has partnered with a number of organisations, including the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalisation, the Palestinian Centre for Policy Research and Strategic Studies (Masarat), the Academy of Refugee Studies, the International Campaign for Preserving Palestinian Identity (Intimaa), Dar Al-Awda for Research and Publications, the Jordanian Engineers’ Association, Engineers for Palestine and Jerusalem, Association 302 for Defending the Rights of Refugees and Thabit Organisation for the Right of Return.

The platform is expected to be operational next month. Online teaching and discussions will be supplemented by a competition next year.

Source: Middle East Monitor website – Visit the post page HERE