Palestinian Business Network International – PBN – Palestine Ambassador

Palestinian Business Network has the main mission to strengthen the Palestinian Identity by using knowledge and talents that becomes great citizens of the world.
Therefor it is important to also know about your heritage, your history and todays reality.

Together with Rawan Damen and her initiative Palestine Ambassador we feel obligated to spread the knowledge to all our members that later can transfere the exact picture of Palestine!

Tired of all the misinformation surrounding the Palestinian cause? Ready to counter the propaganda?

Palestine Ambassador helps you think outside of the box, broaden your knowledge and grow your skills. Palestine Ambassador is a free, online multilingual platform to discover Palestine’s rich history and culture, people, geography, cities, villages, and current challenges. All at your own pace. You will be equipped with the facts and tools to stand for justice. Our selected documenters and literature are open for all. There are also live webinars and online forums to discuss & network with others.
Are you ready for the challenge?

Source: Palestinian Business Network International – PBN – Visit the post page HERE