Discussion Forum Code of Conduct

Palestine Ambassador

Discussion Forum for Palestine Ambassador—referred to here as “the forum”

The Forum

A private, not-for-profit digital space with no affiliation to any political, religious or judicial body.  Its only commitment is to the Palestinian cause as a unifying Arab issue and a universal causeof justice.  It draws on the expertise of specialists and knowledgeable individuals to provide participants in the Palestine Ambassador initiative with information and facts based on informed science.

The Mission of the Forum:

To prepare a group of individuals interested in the Palestinian issue, and to provide them with facts, accounts and accurate information about the history of Palestine and its current state. The forum also aims to debunk misinformation spread by the Zionist machine and its supporters.  Its objective is also to uncover myths and falsehoods in order to enable participants to prepare themselves with sound knowledge with the specifics of the Palestinian issue and to share this information with others.

It is preparation for the participant to become an unofficial “ambassador” to the Palestinian cause.

Forum Responsibilities:

The forum will provide a welcoming space open to discussion and to sharing ideas, suggestions and information without shame or hesitation or taboos as long as the information presented is accurate and substantiated.  This is a platform to prepare each participant to be a Palestine Ambassador that is aware of the Palestinian issue and equipped to defend it and to portray it accurately.

Forum Rules:

Since the forum is a space for discussion and sharing information with other participants from various regions and interests, it is important to set rules to help start discussions, develop them and supply information in the correct manner.  Therefore, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Each participant is free to initiate ideas and suggestions or to present projects for research and discussion or to contribute in disseminating important information.
  2. These ideas, suggestions and information will be handled with the utmost respect. Each idea is born out of mental effort and, therefore, deserves to be discussed to determine if it can move forward without any repercussion.
  3. The forum will establish procedures for discussion whether for suggesting ideas and discussing them among those who support them, oppose them and those interested in advancing them. Or for reaching a decision about these ideas.  The forum has the right to form a committee of forum members to decide on the omission of certain postings.
  4. Participants have the right to request accurate and factual information about any subjects relating to the study units of Palestine Ambassador. The forum shall provide this information from specialists or other credible sources.
  5. Participants will agree to not take videos of any of the forum sessions or record it digitally or share it or any parts of it in any manner.
  6. It is not permitted to broadcast, publicize, transfer or disseminate any printed or recorded material or any information shared orally through the forum with any media sources (visual, print or digital). These discussions and material are classified, especially within the Palestine Ambassadorinitiative and cannot be used outside of the forum.
  7. Considering that participants come from different backgrounds and various geographic locations, the forum will provide a welcoming environment that is free from ridicule, harassment or inappropriate comments or suggestions.
  8. The forum will follow guidelines that respect the national identity, political affiliation, age, gender, religion and health conditions of each participant.
  9. Violation of any of the rules mentioned above will result in a warning or a request to leave the forum.

Contact Information:

  1. You can contact the forum directly at info@palambassador.org.
  2. For communication with the forum administration, we ask that each participant in the forum and the Palestine Ambassador initiative to provide us with their phone number and email address at registration.